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JBG POWER COMPANY K.K. recognizes JBG POWER COMPANY K.K. has a responsibility to society to protect users’ personal information. JBG POWER COMPANY K.K. provides this Privacy Statement to inform you of the policy for handling its Website-users’ personal information.

The JBG POWER COMPANY K.K. Website is managed for the purpose of providing information about JBG POWER COMPANY K.K. and achieving interactive communications with its users. The page is accessible without providing personal information.

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in case that a user agrees to provide or disclose the personal information;
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in case that a provision or disclosure of the information is required by the applicable laws and regulations.

If necessary, JBG POWER COMPANY K.K. may disclose or provide the personal information to contractors only to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes for which the information is provided. In such case, JBG POWER COMPANY K.K. will obligate, via contracts and otherwise, JBG POWER COMPANY K.K.’s contractors to never leak personal information, use it for other purposes than as stipulated herein or resubmit it. JBG POWER CMPANY K.K. will have such contractors implement appropriate management similar to that of JBG POWER CMPANY K.K.

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The JBG POWER COMPANY K.K. Website records users’ information in the form of an access log. It includes IP address, host name, browser name and the time of access of the user who accessed the JBG POWER COMPANY K.K Website, except information that could be used to identify the user personally. The access log is used for maintaining the JBG POWER COMPANY K.K. Website and collecting statistics to analyze the trends in the JBG PWER COMPANY K.K. Website access, and is not used for any other purpose.

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JBG POWER COMPANY K.K. complies with applicable laws and regulations relating to the protection of personal information and, if necessary, JBG POWER COMPANY K.K. will review the above-mentioned provisions and try to improve them.  This Privacy Statement was updated on May 23, 2018. JBG POWER COMPANY K.K. will inform you on the JBG POWER COMPANY K.K. Website in the event that the current policy is altered materially.


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